Top 3 Custom Chocolate Wedding Favor Ideas

Ahh love is sweet! Your wedding is a celebration of your love, a unique and incomparable love. What’s sweeter or more unique than custom chocolate wedding favors?


We’re talking truly custom chocolate. The possibilities are practically endless. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Your Name in Chocolate. “Introducing the Smiths!” never sounded (or tasted) so sweet! Or maybe your style is more hand drawn “Beth + Ben 4ever”. Either way, we can spell it out in sweet style.
  1. Custom Shaped Chocolate.  You met skiing? Picture little chocolate skis, poles and boots. You love to travel? Airplanes and sailboats. He’s a carpenter, you’re a doctor? Hammers and hearts. Your guests will love the favors plus it’s a quirky conversation starter!
  1. Better Together Treats. You two go together like peanut butter and chocolate! Or chips and chocolate. Create custom treats and bag them up with custom ‘We Go Together like…” stickers. The perfect parting gift to your loved ones who came to celebrate the start of your life together.




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