We have hundreds of Custom Chocolate Shape to choose from!

If we don’t have what you need, we can custom make anything in chocolate.

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Look through our list of custom chocolate shapes to find the perfect shape for your occasion!


Animals Alligator
Animals Ant
Animals Bear
Animals Bee
Animals Calf
Animals Cat
Animals Dalmation
Animals Dinosaurs Mini
Animals Dog
Animals Dog Begging
Animals Dog Bone MD
Animals Dog Bone LG
Animals Dove
Animals Dragon Fly
Animals Ducks
Animals Farm Animals
Animals Fish
Animals Fish Jumping
Animals Frog
Animals Horse Shoe
Animals Horse Face Plaque
Animals Insects Assorted
Animals Loon 3D
Animals Loon Plaque
Animals Monkey
Animals Gorilla
Animals Moose Mini
Animals Moose Large
Animals Owl
Animals Paw
Animals Pig
Animals Rooster
Animals Sea Horse
Animals Shark
Animals Squirrel
Animals Starfish
Animals Turtle


Anatomy Brain LG
Anatomy Brain Mini
Anatomy Ear Small
Anatomy Eye Balls Misc
Anatomy Hand
Anatomy Heart (organ) LG 3D
Anatomy Heart (organ) SM 3D
Anatomy Kidney
Anatomy Lips Large
Anatomy Lips Small
Anatomy Liver
Anatomy Lungs
Anatomy Moustache
Anatomy Nose
Anatomy Leg (woman’s)
Anatomy Nose


Awards Award Statues SM, MD, LG
Awards Award Statue 3D LG
Awards Award Star with Base
Awards Gold Medal “Go for the Gold”


Baby Baby Booty SM
Baby Baby Booty Pair
Baby Baby Bottle
Baby Baby Buggy
Baby Diaper Pin
Baby Baby Rattle
Baby Cigars
Baby Footprint
Baby Round Plaque “It’s A Boy”
Baby Round Plaque “It’s A Girl”
Baby Pacifier
Baby Safety Pin
Baby Teddy Bear


Caption Bars Admit One
Caption Bars #1 Bus Driver
Caption Bars Congratulations
Caption Bars Get Well
Caption Bars Get Well with Bandaid
Caption Bars Good Luck
Caption Bars Happy Anniversary
Caption Bars Happy Birthday
Caption Bars Happy Retirement
Caption Bars Over the Hill
Caption Bars Scales of Justice (image)
Caption Bars Thank You
Caption Bars Thank You LARGE BAR
Caption Bars Thank You Square SM
Caption Bars VIP
Caption Bars We Appreciate Your Business
Caption Bars Welcome
Caption Bars Happy Holidays


Christmas Angel
Christmas Bells Assorted
Christmas Candy Cane
Christmas Candy Cane, Tree, Snowman
Christmas Christmas Tree Small
Christmas Christmas Tree Large
Christmas Feliz Navidad Bar
Christmas Ginger Bread Man
Christmas Holiday Light Bulb
Christmas Last Supper LARGE Plaque
Christmas Ornaments Assorted
Christmas Poinsetta
Christmas Praying Hands
Christmas Present
Christmas Reindeer Figure
Christmas Rudolph
Christmas Santa Assorted
Christmas Santa Boot
Christmas Snowflake
Christmas Snowflake Variety
Christmas Snowman Variety
Christmas Wise Men


Construction Bolt
Construction Screw
Construction Shovel
Construction Hammer
Construction Hard Hat
Construction Nut
Construction Pipe Wrench


Easter Carrots
Easter Eggs Assorted
Easter Bunnies Assorted Sizes & Types


Food Apple
Food Baking Kit
Food Beer Bottle
Food Champagne Bottle
Food Chicken Legs
Food Chili Peppers Small and Large
Food Cooking Utensils
Food Drumstick (turkey)
Food Eggs and Bacon
Food Fruits Assorted
Food Grapes
Food Hamburger
Food Hot Dog
Food Jalapenos
Food Mushrooms small and large
Food Pineapple Mini
Food Pizza Slices Mini
Food Teapot
Food Wine Bottle
Food Wine Glass
Food Wine Cork
Food Spoons


Halloween Bones small
Halloween Casket Bottom
Halloween Casket Top
Halloween Frankenstien
Halloween Ghost
Halloween Moon
Halloween Pumpkins Misc
Halloween Cat
Halloween Scarecrow
Halloween Mummy in Tomb
Halloween Mummy Pretzel
Halloween Rat – LG 3D
Halloween Skeleton


Misc Star
Misc American Flag
Misc Donkey Democrat
Misc Elephant Republican
Misc Hand Cuffs, Keys, Chains
Misc Judge Gavel
Misc Scales of Justice
Misc Sheriff Badge
Misc Airforce Round Plaque
Misc Army Round Plaque
Misc Marine Round Plaque
Misc Navy Round Plaque
Misc Balloon
Misc Horse Carrousel
Misc Arm Chair 3D
Misc Couch 3D
Misc Crecent Moon
Misc Religious Cross
Misc Eiffel Tower Small
Misc Eiffel Tower Large
Misc Fieur de leis
Misc Fire Hydrants
Misc House
Misc Recliner Chair
Misc Leaning Tower of Pezi
Misc Liberty Bell
Misc Light Bulb
Misc Budda
Misc Shamrock Sm & Lg
Misc Irish Claddangh
Misc Life Preserver
Misc Mermaid
Misc Palm Tree
Misc Sand Dollar
Misc Flip Flops
Misc Shells Assorted
Misc Sunglasses
Misc Aspirin
Misc Bandaid
Misc Cancer Ribbon
Misc Nurse Symbol Coin
Misc Medical Symbol Coin
Misc Stethescope
Misc Syringe
Misc Tooth SM & LG
Misc Toothbrush
Misc Tooth Paste
Misc Viagra Pill
Misc PMS Pill
Misc Bank Card
Misc Hair Brush
Misc Clutch
Misc Comb
Misc Crown mini
Misc Diamond MD
Misc Diamond Ring LG 3D
Misc Dryer
Misc Hairstyle Kit
Misc Hat
Misc Hat and Bows
Misc High Heel LG
Misc High Heel Mini
Misc Jewels Assorted
Misc Lipstick
Misc Nail Polish
Misc Purse
Misc Hair Roller
Misc Shop til you drop shopping kit
Misc Medalion
Misc Masquer Mask
Misc Dollar Sign
Misc Moon & Sun
Misc Oil Rig
Misc Scissors
Misc Spoons
Misc Stop Watch
Misc Toilet
Misc T-Shirt
Misc T-Shirt LG
Misc Vacuum
Misc Wrist Watch


Music Disk
Music Drum
Music Grand Piano 3D
Music Guitar
Music Harp
Music Music Note
Music Oval Bobby?
Music Symbol/Stick
Music Piano Small
Music Vinyl Record “I love you”
Music Records
Music Saxaphone
Music Trombone


Nature Acorns
Nature Aspen Leaf
Nature Butterfly
Nature Cactus Sucker
Nature Cactus Mini
Nature Cala Lilly
Nature Daisy Mini
Nature Daisy Large
Nature Elm Leaf
Nature Flowers Misc
Nature Garden Kit
Nature Hybiscus
Nature Iris
Nature Leaf and Acorn Thick
Nature Maple Leaf Medium
Nature Maple Leaf Small
Nature Oak Leaf
Nature Pine Cone Large 3D
Nature Pine Cone Medium
Nature Roses Mini
Nature Tulip


Recreation Shotgun Shells (hunting)
Recreation Ski Boots
Recreation Skiis
Recreation Soccer Ball
Recreation Playing Cards
Recreation Tackle Box Kit
Recreation Tennis Racket
Recreation Tennis Shoe
Recreation Viking Football
Recreation Viking Helmet
Recreation Football
Recreation Volley Ball
Recreation Wrestling
Recreation Artist Paint Pallet and Brushes
Recreation Ballet Slippers
Recreation Baseball 2D
Recreation Baseball Bat
Recreation Baseball Glove
Recreation Round Bicyle Plaque
Recreation Bingo Card
Recreation Fishing Bobber
Recreation Bowling Pin with Ball
Recreation Boxing Glove
Recreation Cabin, Canoe, Bear, Tree Set
Recreation Chess Piece King
Recreation Chess Piece Queen
Recreation Cowboy Hat & Boots
Recreation Dice
Recreation Drama Mask
Recreation Camera


School Class of 20##
School Crayons
School Diploma Mini
School Diploma Large
School Grad
School Gradutation
School Gradutation Hat
School Key to Success (key) LG
School School Kit, Ruler, Pencil, Etc


States Minnesota, California, New York, Etc, we have most


Technology Flat Screen TV
Technology Remote Small
Technology Remote Large
Technology Atomic Symbol
Technology Beaker
Technology Calculator LARGE
Technology CD
Technology Computer (vintage)
Technology iphone
Technology Microscope


Transportation Airplane Lg
Transportation Airplane Sm
Transportation Airplane Commercial
Transportation Canoe
Transportation Boat
Transportation Car 50’s
Transportation Cars Old Fashioned
Transportation Race Cars
Transportation Cruise Ship
Transportation Fire Truck 3D
Transportation Fire Truck Small
Transportation Fire Truck
Transportation Key Small (padlock Key)
Transportation Key Large (house Key)
Transportation Ladder
Transportation Motorcycle
Transportation Sailboat
Transportation Semi Truck
Transportation Ship
Transportation Spark Plug
Transportation Tractors Farm Misc
Transportation Train
Transportation Road Construction Equipment


Valenitines Angel
Valenitines Chocolate Box
Valenitines Kisses (lips)
Valenitines Cupid Small
Valenitines Diamond Ring LG
Valenitines Heart Box
Valenitines Hearts Misc sizes and shapes
Valenitines Heart Sucker
Valenitines Letters LOVE
Valenitines Lip Box
Valenitines Lips Large
Valenitines Lip Sucker
Valenitines Vinyl Record “I love you”


4 U Dad – Bar
Happy Fathers Day- Large Bar
#1 Mom
Happy Mothers Day
Mother Oval Shapes
I Love You Mom Heart
Mother Round with Heart
Happy Thanksgiving Bar
Turkeys Small
Bride Groom
Wedding Cake
10 Years
numbers 1-9 can be paird
A-Z letters
Cake Toppers 0-9
Large 90
X & T

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