Success is sweet, but it’s even sweeter with chocolate.

Corporate Chocolate Gift Baskets

Celebrate and honor your client relationships by sending a unique and delicious gift basket that lets your brand shine. Customize the chocolates included with your logo, or create custom chocolate shapes that speak to their business. For instance if you do the books for a construction company you could include your company logo in chocolate as well as chocolate hammers, nails and helmets. The sky’s the limit, give us a call and we can create exactly what you need 651-488-6340.

Company Celebration Chocolate

Whether it’s the company holiday party, the launch of a new product or a company anniversary celebration chocolate makes the event even sweeter! Custom chocolate shapes in ribbon tied bags are perfect party favors. Or scatter custom logo chocolates on the dining tables. Nearly endless customization, give us a call at 651-488-6340 and we’ll dream up the perfect way to enhance your celebration.