Skip the chachkies and celebrate your wedding with something as sweet and unique as your love. Custom chocolate wedding favors give you nearly endless possibilities for delicious, one-of-kind treats for your guests to enjoy.

From small gift bags of chocolates as your guests leave to unique chocolate shapes in mason jars as wedding centerpiece additions, we can create anything you can dream up. Just give a call and let’s make your special day even sweeter 651-488-6340.


Chocolate Shapes

Tell your love story in chocolate. We can create 100s and 100s of custom shaped chocolate. Tell the story of how you met, the story of your first date, or your favorite shared interests. Display the chocolates in mason jars at the dessert bar, on tables, or wrap them in ribbon tied bags as a parting gift for your guests.

Chocolate Centerpieces

Candy dishes or scattered foil wrapped chocolates are whimsical and deliciously unique centerpiece additions. Create custom shapes and colors to compliment the theme of your wedding.

Chocolate Wedding Candy Bar

Candy dessert bars are completely charming at weddings. A trend that we don’t see ending any time soon. Mismatched vintage candy dishes and large mason jars filled with brightly foiled chocolates and unique, custom chocolate shapes will let you personalities and love story shine through. Love really is sweet.

Designing your custom event favors is fun! Get started:

  • You choose from options. Do you want your favors:
    • In a box (gold box)
    • In a bag
    • In a Mason jar
  • Packaging and Finishing Options for Event Favors:
    • In a box (gold box)
    • In a bag
    • In a Mason jar
      Foiled = Choose your foil color (see choice gallery on the right)
    • No foil = Custom chocolate in bag or box
    • Do you want a custom chocolate shape? See Shapes List
    • Choose your ribbon color (see choice gallery on the right)
    • Do you want your names on ribbons?
    • Do you want to use bulk candy? Such as jordan almonds, chocolate covered almonds, nuts, etc. See featured products or call for seasonal.
    • Do you want a picture or label printed and adhered to your foil?
      • Graduation Photo on Chocolate
      • Photo of couple, logo, etc.
      • We print custom labels and stickers

Ribbon Colors


Foil Colors