About My Sweet Chocolate

Welcome to the wonderful world of chocolate! Chocolate has been called the food of the gods, a love potion and a mood enhancer. Did you know that a bit of chocolate will boost your mood and your brain power? It has many health benefits, and it is always a perfect gift!

Sweet Chocolat is a local family owned business, located in Arden Hills, MN, with its own factory located on the same premises as the shop. We offer delicious locally made artesian chocolates and a huge selection of handmade goodies produced right in our factory. We also offer a large variety of candies, from chocolate covered gummy bears, fruit slices and chocolate covered dried fruit and nuts from other gourmet candy. Our nuts are roasted locally and are warm from the roaster when they arrive.

We at Sweet Chocolat pride ourselves on making the best tasting chocolate around! It is always freshly tempered every day for the most delectable flavor. Our gourmet chocolate is available in dark chocolate, dark chocolate with sea salt, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with sea salt, white chocolate, 72% chocolate and dark and white chocolate mint.

Our dark chocolate with sea salt explodes in your mouth! It is always creamy and smooth, with no bitter chocolate taste. We make chocolate covered sea salt caramels each day in milk or dark chocolate, and anyone who tastes our sea salt or plain caramels always comes back for more! We did a local taste test and ours won, hands down! We think it is because of the chocolate we use and how fresh it is.

We hand-make all our candy bars, which come in dark and milk chocolate, dark and milk chocolate with sea salt, 72% creamy chocolate, white chocolate and dark and white mint chocolate. We always have something different each week for our candy bars, so each time you come in there may be something a little different: maybe dark chocolate with walnuts or milk chocolate with cashews!

Sweet Chocolat will create a custom candy bar for you. You choose the ingredients and we put it together for you with your name on it! Some favorites are dark chocolate with sea salt, caramels and peanut butter. Use your imagination and let us know what you come up with!

We can also customize just about everything. If you need a corporate basket for some clients or get well basket for a sick friend, we will make it for you! From elegant corporate baskets, festive Christmas creations, romantic heart shaped boxes for your sweetheart at Valentines and fun filled Easter baskets, we will fulfill your chocolate needs.

Easter at Sweet Chocolat is a fun-filled event for all, and children are welcome! Our award-winning chocolate bunnies are the cutest! They are bunnies with an attitude and come in all flavors and sizes. Our cream eggs are as good as they were in the “good ole days” too.

Sweet Chocolat is also a sight to behold on Valentine’s Day! People want to get married right in the store; it is so romantic and beautiful! Who said romance is dead? The store is full of beautiful pieces of chocolate and gorgeous romantic heart boxes, which can be customized with your sweetheart’s favorites. You can also surprise your beloved with a proposal and give a beautiful handmade gourmet chocolate piece with a shiny surprise inside! Surely no one could say no to this!

Did I say Sweet Chocolat has truffles? We have all your favorites from dark chocolate key lime to Grand Marnier, plus all the local favorites plus our own! Sweet Chocolate invites you come in for a free sample just to prove to you our chocolate is the finest and most delicious! We look forward to seeing you soon!

For more information on our gourmet chocolate and custom chocolates, call us at 651-488-6340 or Contact Us.